Monday, March 12, 2012

Top 5 TV shows you must watch before you die

Hello everyone :) ! Let me tell you, my personal list of Top 5 TV shows you must watch before you die.

Well, TV is funny. It has a thousand channels and ten thousand shows, yet when we sit in front of TV to watch something, all you get is some pathetic shows.
Why do you try out the list here? It doesn’t matter how you watch it: On your TV, laptop or even tablet. If you like TV, these are the shows that you simply can’t afford to miss in your lifetime.

1. L O S T

The beginning of television can be traced back to 1884. But it took 120 years finally to use this medium to the fullest... for LOST to begin in 2004.
What is L O S T all about?
It’s the story of survivors of a plane crash in a strange island.  That’s where it all begins.
It’s a mystery. It’s a thriller. It’s a drama.
Spanning 6 seasons, LOST told the biggest and the most intriguing story ever told in the history of television. LOST is a one big epic story with a beginning and an end.  Probably there wont be another show like LOST and so it will spoil you, because anything else you watch after this show, would be just not be “LOST” enough.

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

This show basically defined the 90s- A Sitcom about a couple of friends living in New York. Yup that’s pretty much it.(Ed- My best friend thinks friends should be on the top spot!) A complete LOL show that takes you on a ride filled with loads of laughter, fun, love and the best of all- friendship.  It hasn’t aged a bit even though it has been ten years now since its finale.  If you love to laugh, go watch it. It will make your life seem a way lot easier.

3. 24

Jack bauer. He is the man, he is the best action figure I have ever come across. What makes him so special? It is because he is a human. Unlike other heroes where they win all the time, every where, Jack bauer is a brave man yet he doesn’t always win and he has to make a lot of personal sacrifices to do what he is supposed to do. He is a CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent who has to stop viruses, bombs and assassination attempts in L.A The best part of 24 is that the story is told in real time and so no flashbacks or flashforwards. 24 episodes of a season potrays 24 hours of a day.

4. Arrested Development

Now this is not yous usual sitcom. It is crazy. It is weird. But its addictive! Its about one big crazy family where Michael bluth( the only sensible person) takes over his dads business and the countless problems he has to face. It is produced by Ron howard ( Director of A beautiful mind, Da vinci code) and it is the highest rated comedy in IMDB. Now that is something right?!

5. Sherlock

 The name is Holmes. Sherlock Holmes
This is the only show on this list which is still on air. Well Sherlock is a UK TV series telcasted in BBC which is basically the modern interpration of the most genius detective we have ever known.
Only 6 episodes till now, but each episode is for about 90 mins and hence its gives a feeling of watching a movie. Brilliantly written and technically way ahead of all other tv series.  This is the perfect homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and I will even say that it is even better than the Sherlock holmes movies directed by Guy Ritchie. With just two seasons, it has become a masterpiece.

Hope you liked my list. Well these are my personal views and I haven’t seen all the shows on TV. Im sure there are quite a few,  equally good shows  which I haven’t seen yet.  
So what is your list? Let me know!