Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol is not the best of the series?

Let me start by saying this: “I Loved MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 – Ghost Protocol” 

All I’m going to talk about is why it is not the best MI movie till now.We all know, Mission impossible 1 was a movie based on Mission Impossible TV series which was telecasted in the early 80s. But when they made into a movie, it had a very little to do with the TV series. Only the characters and theme music was borrowed (Yeah the famous MI music is from that TV series). The fans of the series didn't like the movie. But for the rest, it was the best thriller/action movie of the year.

When MI 1 came out, even though it got mixed reviews, the movie went on to become a rage hit. It was heavily criticized for having an overly complicated plot. But so what?! When I saw it as a kid, I didn't care about the plot because I was mesmerized by the way Ethan Hunt and his team carried their operation to recover the data from some computer.

After 4 years came MI2, a movie which was a disaster at all levels.  An attempt to show Ethan Hunt as some Casanova with his long hair and tons of scenes where he flexes his muscles, and adding to it he has a thief as his love interest!!!

Come on! A spy falling in love with a thief and every third scene has a slow motion with both looking at each other with some Spanish background score. It had none of the good parts from MI 1. Here, our Ethan hunt is not an intelligent guy. He is just another long haired guy who beats up the bad guys and saves his girlfriend and moves around on a flashy bike. Who wants to watch a lover boy Ethan Hunt saying "Oh God… you look beautiful" in a MI movie?!

After a long gap,came MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3
Directed by JJ ABRAMS – The Genius behind LOST, ALIAS FRINGE, PERSON OF INTEREST, SUPER 8 (Also wrote Joy Ride)

He re wrote the franchise.  He made the best MI movie of all time and possibly one of the best action/thriller movies in the last decade. Everything about it felt right!
The movie starts with Ethan Hunt tied up in a chair and the bad guys are asking him for “rabbit’s foot”. He replies he already gave it, but they keep asking him the same question and countdown to ten and fire a bullet in her brain while Ethan watches.

Scene Cut to black -famous Mission impossible theme music with titles


It was an edge of the seat thriller pumped up with so much adrenaline. 
It was written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci ( The guys who wrote transformers series and FRINGE- best sci-fi show on T.V right now ) along with JJ. It won’t be an overstatement to say the script was brilliant! It talked about a “Rabbit’s foot”. The bad guys want it and Ethan-who has it- is trying to stop them.

So what is rabbit’s foot?
All we will ever know that Rabbit’s foot is a form of “Anti god” and in wrong hands it can lead to world destruction. Basically rabbits foot is just something that is referred to move the plot forward and as an audience it doesn't really matter if we know what it is. The technique used here is similar to the suitcase in the movie PULP FICTION. In how many movies you think this technique is successfully used? Also we have always had one ghastly villain, that we all really wanted Ethan Hunt to beat him up. The VFX was brilliant (still it is) and the movie had so many twists and turns that made the price you paid for the ticket, very much worth it!

So after 5 years comes MI 4 directed by Brad bird- Another genius who made animated movies like The Incredibles and Ratatouille. He was basically PIXAR’s poster boy.

After watching MI 4 first hour, I have to admit, it was much better than what I expected! It surpassed the third part in its action scenes and this one had more intelligence applied to the movie. The scene where Hunt climbs up from 124th floor in Burj Dubai with bare hands is simply too exciting.  Added to that there is a sandstorm coming up and it all ends in a car chase in midst of the sandstorm which is the first I have seen in any movie.

My favourite scene is where TomCruise and Simon pegg join together to make a “projection impression” to fool a guard and steal the suitcase. You will know what I’m talking about, when you watch the movie. The first half had everything going perfect for it. Even the small role of Josh Holloway (though I wish he had more screen space!- He was awesome in LOST as sawyer and trust me guys, that guy can be the meanest villain on screen) was impressive.

But as it moved to second half, the movie becomes just another action movie with the usual stunts and chases. The scenes depicted in India are just a waste of resources, because the fact that it is happening in India, doesn’t really add any value to the movie! It is because all the scenes happen inside a building. Rather they could have shot the Indian cities or something like how TomCruise swifts through the Indian traffic using his brains. But all we get to see here is a BMW concept car, a funny Anil kapoor and a lot of cleavage in scenes!

Is that what you expect from a MI movie really??
So what went wrong? Brad birds fault? Hell NO! He did a fantastic job as a director. Then? It is with the writing. Third part was written by the usual JJ Abrams team, but here he only served as a producer. After the third part, I think I got spoilt. I expected so much from the team this time. But it is like the writers thought so much for the first half and after some time they were like “hell it is only for an hour! Let’s shoot some action scenes now and wrap this movie fast!”

Mission impossible is not a mindless bham bham bham action movie. At least it is not supposed to be.It is about how the agents of IMF use their brains and highly futuristic tech to carry a mission which is humanly impossible. It is not about a bad guy going in a SUV and TomCruise chasing him and just firing guns.

I hope in next part we get more of intelligent action scenes, just like in MI 3.

So Mr. JJ Abrams, please.. Next time write the movie with your usual team. Or you can team up with Jonathan Nolan ( Yeah Christopher Nolan's brother and Jonathan is the one who actually writes the scripts for all Chris movies), because already you are doing PERSON OF INTEREST TV series with Nolan. Well then that will be a darker version of Mission Impossible!